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What makes us different?

We are independent management consultants for professional transformation management with many years of experience in change management and transition projects with global clients from a competitive environment.

Our company is a partnership governed under German law, based in Bernried am Starnberger See.

What distinguishes one company from another, what makes it unique?
It generates and maintains »invisible« assets to benefit from its competitive advantages. The dynamic and, at the same time, sound teamwork of people in high performance teams is one of these »invisible« assets. Does teamwork mean to supplement but also confront personalities with various technical skills? Is the secret an innovative company-culture which considers open feedback and sharing of know-how an important value? Whatever the solution might be, to assure the sustainable success of a company in the times of rapid transformations the readiness to change is as prerequisite as is the ability to manage the change.


Our Identity

Project Management Partners helps their clients with excellent management of transformations and a high level of expertise in digitalization to accomplish a maximum of all potential competitive advantages. To achieve this, we see ourselves as partners who help to create excellent teams.

Our partners and associate partners have a vast experience in both management consulting and line management of outstanding companies.

Our culture is defined by the following values
- We are partners
- We appreciate our differences and learn from them
- We are minimalists
- We are »networkers«
- We enjoy life and work
- We constantly improve our skills.
What do we expect from our partners?
- Proven technical and interpersonal skills
- Identification with the mission of Project Management Partners
- High degree of experience in transformation and relevant industries
- Existing external network
- Active participation in the internal network
- New, useful and inspiring business ideas and approaches
- Unanimous approval of all partners (veto).


Our Focus


Each consultant has many years of experience in the management of complex transformations and changes.

We help you to realize project goals quickly and sustainably. With clients from very competitive environments, we are especially observant of the effects of increasing pressure from various different directions. Changed regulations and increased competition have forced companies to deal with new business rules. Digitalization must be rapidly implemented in the business processes, products and particularly new business models.

Decision makers need to reflect even more carefully:

- what leadership means in times of disruptive changes
- what product and service quality is required
- what business partners might be needed
- increase employee expectations of job enrichment and satisfaction.

We conclude that a rapid adaptation of products, services and business models is a must to gain competitive advantages and sustainable profitability. Equally important are structures, roles and management procedures to achieve these goals of competitive advantages and sustainable profitability.

Projects are essential for these adaptations and an effective and efficient project management is a strategic asset. This is comprised of the ability to identify profitable projects and to identify and set the general framework of an organization.


Our Services



Selection of our References

  • Turnaround management for a healthcare company
  • Establishment of an international customer care management for a leading car manufacturer
  • Development of a strategic project controlling for a leading bank group
  • Introduction of a security order system (financial services)
  • Crisis-management in a large international project (financial services)
  • Development and introduction of a »balanced scorecard« (industry and bank)
  • Design of a process and organization structure for an outsourced IT-department (insurance)
  • Conception and coordination of the introduction of an IT-strategy (telecommunications)


  • Introduction of a QR-code-based process control for two leading recycling companies
  • Development of a strategy for the European market of a leading Indian service provider
  • Development of a new strategy and business process re-engineering for a medium sized company
  • Business process re-engineering for a bank-department
  • Setup and management of project offices in large international projects
  • Interim management as CIO in the healthcare sector, direct reporting to the CEO
  • Strategy and balanced scorecard for an IT-company
  • Crisis-management in a large international IT-project (automotive)

How to contact us

Office Munich

Project Management Partners

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Fax: +49 - 89 - 41 61 73 2 - 99

Company Headquarters

Alpspitzstraße 1a
82347 Bernried am Starnberger See

Tel: +49 - 81 58 - 99796 - 71
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